SRK offers Teeth Whitening services in the Greater Milwaukee area

Helping the Milwaukee area achieve a brighter smile with teeth whitening

Widely recognized as oneof the world’s most effective teeth whitening systems, KöR whitening offers cost-effective solutions to even the most stubborn whitening cases.

Many of the food and drinks we consume on a daily basis can stain and discolor our teeth. Store-bought whitening strips and pens are often cumbersome and prove ineffective. Customized and cost-effective teeth whitening solutions are available to help give you the beautiful smile you deserve. Both in-office teeth whitening and customized teeth whitening take-home kit treatments are available.

"Dr. Koutnik and his staff is always reassuring and makes the visit pleasant”

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Done in around 45 minutes, in-office teeth whitening can help you leave with a brighter smile all while relaxing in one of our chairs. Call us today at 414.453.7665 or click request an appointment to setup your appointment for a whiter and brighter smile.

Customized Teeth Whitening Take Home Kits

Designed for people who like to complete whitening at home on their own schedule. Our customized whitening kits will provide you with all the tools to whiten and maintain your beautiful smile.

Your Teeth Whitening Appointment at SRK

Whiter, brighter teeth are achievable. Dr. Koutnik will explain all aspects of how to achieve a whiter and brighter smile to you. Not all options are the same, and Dr. Koutnik will work with you to tailor a whitening program that matches your goals.