SRK offers Immediate Complete Denture services in the Greater Milwaukee area

Dr. Koutnik strives to ensure his patients always have the ability to smile

Immediate complete dentures are delivered the same day as the teeth are extracted. Dr. Koutnik strives to ensure patients from the greater Milwaukee area always have the ability to smile

Often times losing or needing teeth removed is an emotional experience for patients. As such, Dr. Koutnik strives to make the process as easy as possible, and help each patient feel confident and comfortable in all phases of our same day denture treatment.

"Whether getting extensive dental work done or a general cleaning/check up, Dr. Koutnik and his staff is always reassuring and makes the visit pleasant”

Your Immediate Complete Dentures Appointment at SRK

Not all dentures are the same. Dr. Koutnik’s specialized training can help restore your confidence with immediate complete dentures. Dr. Koutnik will explain all aspects of the complete denture appointments to you and will work with you to help make the experience more enjoyable for you.