SRK offers Dental Implant services in the Greater Milwaukee area

Dr. Koutnik is a specialist in the restoration of dental implants in the greater Milwaukee area

Dental implants serve a multitude of purposes, and allow for a bio-compatible tooth-replacement option. Dental implants can serve as a means to replace one single tooth, a few teeth, or a full-arch of teeth.

As a prosthodontist in the greater Milwaukee area, Dr. Koutnik is a specialist in utilizing dental implants to restore and replace patient’s teeth. Dr. Koutnik spends significant time with each patient reviewing treatment options and solutions to replacing missing teethwith dental implants or the restoration of dental implants.

"Having extensive dental work done is never easy for anyone, but his kindness and attention to detail made the process that much easier”

Your Dental Implants Appointment at SRK

Dr. Koutnik’s goal is to make any dental treatment as comfortable and as painless as possible. Your dental implant appointment is no different. Dr. Koutnik will explain all aspects of the dental implant process to you and will work with you to help make the experience more enjoyable for you.