SRK offers Dental Implant Complication services in the Southeastern Wisconsin

Dental implants are a common treatment modality, and with an ever increasing number of implants being placed, complications can and do arise

Helping mitigate and address dental implant complications and related implant problems in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Dental implants come in multiple shapes, diameters, lengths, and there are countless manufacturers. Like anything, dental implants are not immune to problems. Dr. Koutnik specializes in dealing with problems associated with old dental implants, broken dental implants, and failing dental implants; including identifying and repairing out of date dental implants or out of production dental implants.

"From the very first day I met him, he gave me so much hope and continuously fed that hope every time I had work done”

Your Implant Complications Appointment at SRK

Dr. Koutnik’s goal is to make any dental treatment as comfortable and as painless as possible. Managing implant complications is no different. Dr. Koutnik will explain all aspects of managing your implant complications to you and will work with you to help give you a predictable and successful result.