Dental Crowns
and Bridges

SRK offers Dental Crowns and Bridges services in the Greater Milwaukee area

Esthetic and comprehensive tooth restorations in Wauwatosa

Dental crowns and bridges are fixed, natural looking tooth restorations.

As a prosthodontist in Wauwatosa, Dr. Koutnik is an expert in the restoration and replacement of missing teeth. Crowns and bridges are fabricated in multiple different materials; such as, all-ceramic, zirconia, and gold-alloy. Dr. Koutnik will work with you to help best determine if the restoration is indicated, and if so, help guide you through the appropriate material choices.

"Very nice people, very skilled - I had a 20 year old crown removed, decay underneath fixed, and a new one installed, all without discomfort"

Your Dental Crowns And Bridges Appointment at SRK

Preparing for a new dental crown or replacing an old dental crown is a different experience for each individual patient. Dr. Koutnik’s goal is to make any dental treatment as comfortable and as painless as possible. Dr. Koutnik will explain all aspects of the dental crown appointment to you and will work with you to help make the experience more enjoyable for you.